Galavanta Helitours specializes in helicopter tourism, private charter flights and executive transportation in Cartagena and throughout Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Our helicopter service is the most convenient, efficient, safe, and spectacular way to travel throughout this stunning region. The ability to land anywhere with a helicopter makes even the most remote destinations easily accessible, and provides some of the most breathtaking views of this vast and diverse country.

Galavanta Helitours was launched as an alliance between Galavanta S.A.S., a luxury tailored travel agency, and Helitours S.A.S., a helicopter services company. Our team, comprised by a group of travel enthusiasts and helicopter pilots, strives to offer the highest level of professionalism, excellent customer service, and incredible experiences!

We operate a range of helicopter, and we pride ourselves in upholding the highest safety standards, complying with Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our helicopter has a rigorous maintenance program and our staff is comprised by aviation experts and pilots who maintain strict security measures to ensure the safety of all our clients.

Other Services

Aerial Photography

Transportation of Valuables

Cargo Transportion